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Bamberg. Gabelmann (Fountain of Neptune)

Along with the Church of St. Martin's square is decorated with the fountain of Neptune (map), the oldest and most famous in Bamberg.

Bamberg. The fountain of Neptune (Gabelman)

Fountain was built in 1337 and was used as a source of drinking water. Initially, the fountain was adorned with a statue of St. George, the patron Saint of the city. As such, the source has existed for over two hundred years until it came into complete disrepair and was closed in 1566. In 1597 the fountain the fountain was rebuilt, and its staple to decorate the statue of the Lord of the sea, performed by the Caspar Metzner. After this the fountain ingrained the name "Gabelmann" - "man with fork". In 1945, the fountain has received a lot of damage from shrapnel exploding in the vicinity of the bombs, after the war, was restored and reopened in 1954.

Bamberg. The fountain of Neptune (Gabelmann)